How is the harvest going in Ukraine


The harvest was carried out on an area of ​​5,292 thousand hectares with a yield of 43.7 t/ha, in particular:

  • 3,830,000 hectares of wheat were threshed (yield – 46.2 tons/ha), 17,698,000 tons were threshed;
  • 1,263,000 ha were threshed with barley (yield – 38.8 tons/ha), 4,901,000 tons were threshed;
  • 146.6 thousand hectares of peas were threshed (yield – 24.6 tons/ha), 361.2 thousand tons were threshed;
  • 0.3 thousand ha of millet were threshed (yield – 6.9 tons/ha), 0.2 thousand tons were threshed;
  • 0.08 thousand ha of buckwheat were threshed (yield – 11.3 tons/ha), 0.1 thousand tons were threshed.

The largest threshing in Odesa region is 3.2 million tons, the farmers of this region have already completed the collection of early grain and leguminous crops. Also, Zaporozhye farmers are the leaders in grain harvesting, they threshed 90% of the area. Farmers of 13 oblasts have finished harvesting peas.

Dnipropetrovsk region and Kherson region have started harvesting millet. Buckwheat harvesting is also underway in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast.

Rape harvesting continues in all regions, which has been threshed on an area of ​​1315.2 thousand hectares, 3702.1 thousand tons of seeds have been threshed with a yield of 28.1 t/ha.

7 regions have already finished harvesting this agricultural crop.

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