How much do “squares” cost in new buildings in the districts of Kyiv


In Kyiv, the price of apartments in new buildings has increased over the past month. The price increased by UAH 12,650 — from an average of UAH 46,050 to UAH 58,700. That is, the price increase was 27.47%.

This is reported by M2bomber.

It is noted that in half a year, prices have increased even more — by UAH 16,400, or 38.77%.

How much is a “square”

According to analysts, “squares” in new buildings in Kyiv districts cost from an average of UAH 38,000 to UAH 105,200.

You will have to pay the most in the Pechersk district, where a square meter costs UAH 105,200.

The lowest prices were recorded in the Solomyan district – UAH 38,000 on average.

Prices per square meter by district:

Darnytskyi district — UAH 40,225;
Desnyansky — UAH 40,525;
Dniprovsky — UAH 44,500;
Svyatoshynsky — 44,525 UAH;
Obolonsky — UAH 44,850;
Holosiivskyi — UAH 50,125;
Podilsky — UAH 58,450;
Shevchenkivskyi — UAH 63,900.

In general, most often “squares” in new apartments in Kyiv sell for an average of UAH 20,800. There are 8% more ads with this price than others.

You can also often see the price of UAH 23,400 — 7.3%. And besides:

UAH 26,000 — 5.7%;
UAH 18,200 — 4.5%;
UAH 15,600 — 4.3%.

In the cheapest segment, you can see the price of UAH 7,800/square meter. 0.3% of such ads.

We will remind, over the past six months, the price of a square meter on the secondary market of Kyiv has increased by almost UAH 5,000 — from an average of UAH 52,771 to UAH 57,730.

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