I found out: searches are being conducted in the apartment of the Kyiv blogger who filmed the work of the Air Defense Forces


According to the media, Inna Voronova is being prepared to be charged.

On May 31, employees of the Security Service of Ukraine searched the apartment of Inna Voronova, a singer, blogger and wife of drug lord Yuriy Chernetskyi. It was from the window of this house that the woman filmed the work of the PPO and published it on her Instagram.

Meanwhile, the blogger herself on her Instagram invited her followers to “chat” through the “Question-Answer” function.

Screenshot from the survey

We will remind you that this month, Inna Voronova filmed the air defense operation from the window of her apartment building. At the same time, the woman indicated the name of the residential complex in the video. People quickly called on the SBU to bring the blogger to justice. Voronova herself recorded a video apologizing to Ukrainians. However, after a conversation with the SBU, she deleted it.

Later, after another shelling of the Russians in the capital, there was an “arrival” in this residential complex. A downed enemy drone hit the roof of a capital high-rise building. Its part detonated near the bedroom of one of the residents, who miraculously remained alive.

By the way, Voronova’s husband is no less scandalous. During the searches, 48-year-old Yuriy Chernetsky was seized with drugs packaged for sale worth approximately $5,000.

Inna Voronova and Yurii Chernetskyi

In order to buy her husband, a drug dealer, from the pre-trial detention center, the wife announced a fundraiser – four million hryvnias for bail.

Importantly. The SBU emphasizes that it is prohibited to shoot and publish photo and video materials regarding the activities of the Defense Forces and the consequences of enemy shelling. Distribution of such recordings is a crime punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

The publication of photos of missile fragments can help the occupiers to determine what type of weapons the Ukrainian air defense forces shot down enemy targets with.

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