In an underground storage and without phones: they showed how Zelensky conducts secret meetings


Journalist Dmytro Komarov showed how secret meetings of the president take place during the war. They take place in a classified location.

This place is located underground, it is well protected. Komarov told about this in the film “The Year. Voice-over. President’s Day”.

Phones must be handed in

Everyone must hand in their cell phones and other electronic devices before entering the vault. The meeting took place in Mykolaiv.

Outsiders are not allowed there. Komarov and the cameraman were given 1 minute to take a few shots. Then they were asked to leave.

By the way, an air raid alarm sounded during the meeting. It cannot be ignored in any case, since the president is the main target for the enemy. That is why secrecy of movements is necessary.

Zelensky carries a gun

Zelensky admitted that after February 24 he was ready to fight to the last. He carries a gun for protection.

Bankova’s defense was seriously prepared. The government would remain there until the end. Boxes with weapons and ammunition were prepared.

Zelensky also noted that he has a gun. The president would not be captured.

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