In April, the Open Cup of the city of Kyiv in gymnastics will be held


During the event, there will be an open gymnastics training for everyone.

The mass sports event “Open Cup of the City of Kyiv in Gymnastics” will take place on April 22.

Organizers: Department of Youth and Sports of the KMDA and NGO “Independent Federation of Sports Gymnastics”.

Yulia Khan and Oleg Vernyaev are co-organizers of the event. Photo from open sources

As noted Yulia Khan, director of the Department of Youth and Sports of KMDA, the city government organizes various mass sports events to popularize sports and physical education among children and youth of Kyiv.

“The support of young athletes who remained in Ukraine during the war is particularly relevant. It is important to create a safe environment for them and provide comfortable conditions for sports, Yuliya Khan stressed. — In April, we will hold a mass sports event “The Open Cup of the City of Kyiv in Gymnastics” during which the strongest representatives of the discipline of gymnastics in Kyiv will be determined.

During the event, there will be an open gymnastics training for everyone. And also a raffle for the personal cup of the Olympic champion Oleg Verniaev for the best parallel bars.

According to Oleg Vernyaev, the Olympic champion in gymnastics, the sports competitions will be held in the individual championship in the all-around and on individual projects among children and adults.

Oleg Vernyaev during training. Photo: Facebook page of Olena Vernyaeva

“The athletes will demonstrate their professional skills, and the audience will be able to watch their performances and cheer for the athletes,” he noted Oleg Vernyaev. — It is important to develop sports gymnastics in Ukraine and popularize this Olympic sport among young people. Even in wartime, sports should be accessible to all athletes who want to train.”

Preliminary applications for participation in the competition are sent no later than five days before the start of the competition. Registration of athletes via the link.

When: April 22 at 12:00
Where: CSKA gymnasium, str. Umanska, 7-a
free entrance

88 outstanding athletes of the capital will receive a scholarship from the Kyiv mayor. Among them are medalists of the Olympic, Paralympic, De-Olympic Games, world and European championships.

Maria Kataeva

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