In Bukovina, representatives of the TCC were “blown out” with a canister: one of the soldiers was hospitalized


The man resisted when the summons was served and used a gas canister. According to the TCC, the injured soldier was transferred to the “Military Commissariat” after being seriously wounded.

In the village of Cherepkivtsi, Hlybotsk settlement community, Chernivtsi region, during the activities of informing the population by representatives of the Territorial Center of Recruitment and Social Support (TCC and SP), an attack was carried out on military personnel. About this informs Chernivtsi OTCC.

As noted, a conscripted civilian attacked representatives of the Military Commissariat with a gas canister.

The attacker, the TCC emphasizes, resisted and was detained before the arrival of police representatives.

As a result of the attack, the serviceman, who was transferred from the combat brigade to the TCC and SP after being seriously wounded, received chemical burns to his eyes and respiratory tract. He was given the necessary medical assistance and hospitalized.

As the TCC reminds, officials who participate in or organize the notification of conscripted citizens act in accordance with current legislation. Therefore, insults, resistance or obstruction of their activities will have consequences, and violators will bear administrative or criminal responsibility.

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