In Kharkiv Oblast, they will be able to sow 18% more land than last year


In the Kharkiv region, it is planned to sow 634,000 hectares during the spring sowing period – perhaps this number will be higher. This is 18% more than last year, that is, there is a positive trend.

This was reported by the deputy head of Kharkiv OVA Yevhen Ivanov, writes “Public“.

“About half of the damaged enterprises plan to carry out spring sowing within the limits of the land they have, which is not mined. From 800,000 hectares to 1 million hectares could be sown if there was no war. I would like to add that 72 thousand hectares of field land are still under occupation in the Kupyan district, in the northeast of the region. Currently, 544,000 hectares in the region require demining. It is already possible to demine the territories that are located further from the hostilities, and they are already surveyed – that’s 272 thousand hectares. The work is being carried out, but it is necessary to understand that these are very large volumes,” says Yevhen Ivanov.

According to him, agricultural producers will sow a standard list of crops: soy, sunflower, corn, spring wheat, peas. Farmers are moving away from corn and will increase sunflower crops.

“It’s not very good for agricultural land. We will try to ensure that the percentage of land sown with sunflowers does not exceed 25%, as this is a legal regulatory basis,” says Yevhen Ivanov.

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