In Kyiv, 25 protective structures were checked UA2DAY


Before that, these locations caused concern among activists from the Ozon organization.

In Kyiv, work continues on improving the condition of shelters for the population. KMDA and its subdivisions cooperate with the public organization “Ozon/Озон”.

Together, they checked the first 25 objects of the fund of protective structures of the civil protection of the population, where the volunteers of public control had previously detected violations. This was reported by the Department of Municipal Security of the KMDA.

At these addresses in the districts, premises were arranged, signposts were provided, “Place for shelter” boards were placed indicating the persons responsible for keeping the keys and their phone numbers. Ensured public access to these shelters during the “Airborne Alert” signal.

In addition, the activists met with representatives of the KMDA, the State Emergency Service (SES) and the National Police of Ukraine regarding the prohibition of access to shelters.

The Department of Municipal Security of the KMDA reminded that in the case of not being allowed to shelter during an air raid alert, city residents should notify the police or call the emergency services at number 101.

Emergency services rescuers will go to the scene and provide access to the shelter. Also, in cases where civil defense facilities are closed during an air raid, rescuers of the Kyiv Rescue Service of the KARS help. You can call them at: (044) 430-37-13.

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