In Kyiv, from May 22, moles can be examined free of charge by a dermatologist, — Valentina Ginzburg


To mark World Melanoma Day, the Department of Health has announced Melanoma Awareness Week.

The vast majority have heard of melanoma, know what this deadly skin pathology can look like. Valentina Ginzburg, director of the Department of Health, saidthat melanoma belongs to such a form of oncopathology that a person can see and suspect its presence even on his own. And the specialist is able to make a diagnosis almost instantly. Then there is a high chance of success of the treatment, provided that it is started immediately.

“Melanoma is a malignant tumor that develops on areas of the skin or mucous membranes. It is considered one of the most aggressive forms of cancer, because it grows quickly and rapidly spreads metastases throughout the body,” Lidia Ginzburg said in detail.

According to her, in the capital in the first quarter of last year there were 19 newly discovered cases of melanoma and 101 cases of skin cancer, and this year – 35 and 168, respectively.

Valentyna Ginzburg, director of the Department of Health Care of the KMDA. Photo: O. Samsonov

The appearance of melanoma can be caused by external factors and heredity. Therefore, doctors advise to avoid risk factors (especially sunburns, skin injuries, self-removal of moles), and if there have been cases of this disease in the family, not only to be checked once a year by a dermatologist, but also to conduct self-examinations regularly.

For the convenience of self-examination, you can use the algorithm with the conventional name ACORD. This is an abbreviation that will help you decide whether there is a reason to be examined more carefully. After examining a birthmark or other formation on the skin, answer the following questions:

  • A is asymmetry. Is the birthmark asymmetrical?
  • K is the edge. The edge of the birthmark is uneven, torn?
  • O – color. Are there changes in color, splashing, fading of color?
  • P is the size. Mole more than 6 mm?
  • D is dynamics. Is the birthmark growing? Are there crusts, cracks, bleeding?

If at least one answer is “yes”, you should contact a specialist as soon as possible.

“However, it is even more correct to visit a doctor preventively. After all, you can’t see all the spots on the body and, even more so, independently analyze them for safety,” said Valentyna Ginzburg.

To mark World Melanoma Day, the Department of Health has announced Melanoma Awareness Week.

From May 22, anyone who wants to can learn more about this disease from their family doctor and undergo a diagnostic examination by a dermatologist at any district medical center without a referral.

Examination and dermatoscopy are performed free of charge and without fail upon self-referral or electronic referral at the “DERMATOVENEROLOGY” KNP.

People who, for one reason or another, cannot come for an examination, have the opportunity to use the online consultation service. Record to dermato-oncologist Pryt Halyna Vasylivna through the site:

“Of course, it is necessary to take care of health not on the occasion of certain dates, but always. However, such thematic days dedicated to the prevention of various diseases become a motivational factor for many of us. I advise you to take the opportunity and check your moles. Go to the doctor, put a useful “tick” in your health diary,” urged Valentina Ginzburg.

Examinations as part of the Week of Melanoma Diagnostics at KNP “DERMATOVENEROLOGY” will take place from May 22 to 26 from 08:00 to 19:00 and on Saturday, May 27, from 09:00 to 15:00 at the branch addresses:

  • St. Saksagansky, 72;
  • branch 1 — str. Chernihivska, 38/2;
  • branch 2 — Br. V. Vysotskyi, 8;
  • branch 3 — str. Verhovynna, 13;
  • branch 4 — str. Patriarch Mstislav Skrypnyk, 48;
  • branch 5 — str. Halytska, 6;
  • branch 6 — str. Bogatyrska, 32.

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