In Rzhyshchev, Kyiv region, five people have already died and more than twenty have been injured due to a Russian drone attack


As a result of Russia’s attack by drones in the capital region at night, there are dead and injured civilians.

The air warning signal in the Kyiv region lasted for more than four hours. Later, it became known from the General Staff of the Armed Forces that the Russian Federation attacked the skies of Ukraine with 21 deadly drones, 16 of which destroyed air defense units.

As a result of a night attack by drones in the Kyiv region, a civilian object was damaged.

A kamikaze drone damaged a civilian facility in Rzhyshchev, where rescuers are working.

“Currently, we know about 3 dead and 7 wounded. The information is being clarified. Units of the State Emergency Service, the National Police and relevant emergency services are working on the spot. Necessary assistance is provided to the victims,” ​​KOVA reports.

Police and emergency services evacuated more than 200 people.

More than 20 people were taken to the hospital. The fate of another 5 people is unknown. Employees of the State Emergency Service and the police are now helping to eliminate the consequences of the destruction.


“Just from the fifth floor of the hostel destroyed by the Shaheds, another person who died during the night drone attack was taken out,” he wrote head of the police of the Kyiv region Andrii Nebytov.
The fourth victim was a 40-year-old driver. The man did not go down to the shelter during the air raid.

A fire in a house destroyed by a kamikaze drone in Rzhyshchev, Kyiv region.

As of 05:50, the fire was contained. Rescuers are working on the spot.

According to the report of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, the 4th and 5th floors of two five-story dormitories and the three-story educational building of a professional lyceum were partially destroyed by an enemy attack in the city of Rzhyshchiv, Kyiv region, with subsequent burning.

At 06:50, the fire was extinguished on an area of ​​330 square meters.

Special equipment and rescuers of the State Emergency Service are working to clear rubble after the Russian-Iranian drone attack in Rzhyshchev, Kyiv region.

Emergency officials clarified the morning message of KOVA.

At 07:00 it became known that 3 people died, 2 people were injured and one person was saved. According to The emergency services found four residents of the house under the rubble.

111 people and 28 pieces of equipment are working at the scene, including 95 people and 20 pieces of equipment from the State Emergency Service, including the Mobile Rapid Response Rescue Center and two canine units.

Air defense forces destroyed eight drones in the sky near Kyiv at night.

KMVA reported that the terrorist country has again launched its deadly UAVs in the direction of the capital. According to preliminary information, these were “Shahed” barrage ammunition.

All targets identified in the airspace around Kyiv were destroyed by our air defense forces.

All photos are from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.

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