In Svyatoshyn district, dispensaries were provided with nebulizers for inhalation


This equipment is intended for the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases.

All dispensaries of the KNP “Center of primary medical and sanitary care No. 2” of Sviatoshyn district were equipped with compressor nebulizers for inhalation.

This was reported on the website Kyiv Council.

Such medical equipment is primarily intended for patients with respiratory diseases who need therapy.

Nebulizer therapy is used to treat bronchial asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, rhinitis and other respiratory diseases.

“Inhalation of drugs through a nebulizer is one of the simple and effective methods of treatment. Residents with respiratory diseases will be able to make the necessary inhalations in the capital’s dispensaries, which continue to work even in cases of power outages, as they are equipped with alternative sources of energy,” she said. Olesya Zubrytska, deputy of the Kyiv City Council (UDAR faction).

The deputy added that the provision of nebulizers to outpatient clinics is the result of effective work together with the Department of Health Care of the KMDA, the Svyatoshyn District State Administration in the city of Kyiv, and the socially responsible pharmaceutical corporation “Yuria-Pharm”.

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