In the Desnyan district, they are going to create a landscape reserve “Brovarsky lis”


During scientific research, rare and red-listed species of flora, fauna and unique animals were discovered here.

In the Desnyan district, the natural territory of forest blocks Nos. 70, 71, 77, 78 of the Brovar Forestry of the KP “Darnytsia Forest Park Management” is planned to be declared a landscape reserve of local importance “Brovar Forest”. The approximate area of ​​this reserve is 125 hectares.

Such a draft decision was supported today, April 11, at a meeting of the Kyiv City Council’s standing committee on environmental policy.

This was reported on the website Kyiv Council.

The main reason for the creation of a new reserve is that the representatives of the NGO “Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group” together with the researchers of the Institute of Zoology named after I. I. Schmalhausen of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine during the study of these forest quarters discovered a number of representatives of flora and fauna, which are included in the Red Book of Ukraine and the Resolution of the Berne Convention.

“The draft decision was developed with the aim of preserving the forest ecosystem, which is a center of biodiversity and a valuable natural grouping of various species of animals and plants. The territory offered for bequest is represented by a forest massif with large areas of undisturbed ancient forests. Within its borders, there are both types of flora and fauna typical for Polissia, as well as rare species that are protected at the national and international levels,” he said deputy of the Kyiv City Council (Batkivshchyna faction), chairman of the standing committee on environmental policy Denys Moskal.

As noted deputy Kyiv City Council (UDAR faction), member of the standing committee on environmental policy Yuliya Lymarthe adoption of this decision will ensure the proper conditions for preserving the landscape and botanical diversity of the valuable natural complex.

After all, during the research, such rare and red-listed species of flora as forest lily, white snowdrop, open dream, common centipede, curly leaf, and curly sparasis were discovered within the project reserve. Various species of animals also live here, including the great white heron, the European terrapin, the red-bellied kumka, the gray sable, the red flat-bodied beetle, which are also listed in the Red Book of Ukraine.

“At the same time, the fact that this territory belongs to the category of recreational and health forests makes it possible to carry out selective and temporary felling of trees without regard to the nature conservation value of these territories. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to give this natural zone a protective status,” Yuliya Lymar emphasized.

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