Jamala will present her new album QIRIM at the National Opera


The presentation will take place tonight, ahead of the world premiere in Liverpool at the Eurofestival, scheduled for May 11.

The new solo album of the Ukrainian Crimean Tatar singer and Eurovision 2016 winner reproduces all the beauty and greatness of the Crimean Tatar culture and language, about which the world knows extremely little.

“With this record, I realized my big dream – to convey to the whole world that despite any attempts to rewrite the history of Crimea, we will not let the truth be forgotten. And it is hidden precisely in folklore, in these incredible storylines that Qirim’s diaries reveal to us,” says Jamala about this project.

A singer at a repertory with the National Symphony Orchestra. Photo from the team’s page

The QIRIM album consists of 14 old songs, each of which represents a certain region of the Ukrainian peninsula. From the mysterious mountains through the deserted steppes to the noisy seaside villages, Jamala takes the listener through the Crimea, which hides the people’s love of freedom and bravery, sensuality, and is full of such bright longing.

Talking about her new project, the singer claims that “it takes you through the tropes of the Ukrainian Crimea and tells traditional stories that were previously unknown or forgotten.” Therefore, in her opinion, it is extremely important for Ukraine to be heard by the world.

Jamala and conductor Volodymyr Sirenko. Photo from the page of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

The album was in the compilation stage when the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation began. Work on the album was completed already after February 24, 2022.

“I could spend hours arguing why you should listen to my new album. Each of the songs was found in a certain city or village of Crimea. Work on the album united more than 80 musicians — all in order to show all the beauty and greatness of Crimean Tatar culture. Qırım: the story continues…,” notes singer Jamala in her Facebook post.

Event poster. Photo from the page of the National Opera of Ukraine

The Kyiv presentation will be held together with the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine under the leadership of the famous conductor Volodymyr Sirenko.

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