Kenyans are not recommended to visit the beaches, but the quality of water and sand has been regularly monitored in recreation areas


In the capital, regular monitoring of the quality of water in open water bodies, sand (soil) and drinking water in fountains located in traditional recreation areas has begun, despite the fact that the beaches of Kyiv are not scheduled to open this year for safety reasons.

About this informs State University “Kyiv City Central Hospital of the Ministry of Health”.

As noted, such measures are necessary to ensure infectious safety and sanitary well-being of the capital’s residents.

Therefore, specialists of the Department of Physical and Chemical Factors and the Sanitary and Hygienic Laboratory of the Center will continue to carry out relevant research under contracts with KP “Pleso” and State Production and Consumer Service State Administration in Kyiv.

Currently, monitoring studies are being conducted on the beaches: “Venetsia”, “Dytyachiy”, “Molodizhny”, “Peredmistna Slobidka”, “Zolotyy”, “Telbin”, “Rainduga”, “Veselka”, “Galerny”, lake “Verbne”, ” Vodytsia Forest”, “Central”, “Chortoriy”, “Veselka”, “Venetsia”, “Obolon Island”.

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