“KINOLANDROMAT” is the domestic version of laundering and withdrawing billions from the state budget


Corruption, schemes, embezzlement of the state budget – unfortunately, they have become the usual headlines of modern articles in the Ukrainian mass media.

What is the worth of the infamous “17 eggs”, the high-profile case of “Lviv Arsenal” and many others.

For the most part, journalists are the first to draw attention to such crimes, and then the law enforcement system “turns on”.

However, it seemed to us that there are still certain tabulated topics that the authorities deliberately ignore.

So, even last year, the journalists of Bihus.info in their story entitled: “Partners of the Russians and those close to the President’s office: who will shoot TV series with state money” drew attention to the strange distribution of budget funds directed to the production of film projects.

Bihus.info investigation

In this plot, persons close to the offices of power appeared, namely: the host Yury Gorbunovdirector of Russian origin Oleksiy Kiryushchenko, Studio “Filstream” Vitaliya Sirenko, Studio “Energy Film Production” again connected with Vitaly Sirenko, Kinokit company, close to Kyryl Tymoshenko, Mainstream Pictures Studio” and other. In general, 400 million hryvnias were allocated for the production of films and TV series during the war.

However, there was no reaction of the authorities to the questions raised by the journalists. The money was successfully distributed among the participants.

On May 15, 2024, a journalistic investigation by the publication “NV” and Bihus.info regarding the same director of Russian origin is published Oleksiy Kiryushchenkowhich he successfully received from the state orders for UAH 750 million. – the director received an order for the supply of electricity.

Again, apart from Oleksiy Kiryuscheko’s rude response to the journalist’s logical questions, there was no reaction from the authorities.

That is, the authorities’ only reaction to corruption and money laundering through the directing and cinematographic community was the organization of illegal surveillance of Bihus.info journalists by the SBU.

Then, they quietly apologized to the journalists and sent those responsible for the surveillance away from Kyiv. That’s all.

None of the issues raised regarding the cinematographic mafia received a response from the authorities.

Today, already in the columns of the English edition, a publication appeared under the title: “Entourage of the President of Ukraine – an unanswered question” in which foreign journalists detail the scheme of embezzlement of budget funds through the creation of film products of dubious quality.

The already mentioned “talented producer and director” appears in the scheme –Vitaly Sirenko and his “studios“.

Vitaly Sirenko

Yes, the same Sirenko, who is also an assistant Minister of the Ministry of Strategy and Industry – the same one that is responsible for the development of the military industry, defense procurement, aircraft construction and the development of space programs. It is certain that the “director and actor” Sirenko has competence in this sensitive field, especially during the war.

Taking into account how the current government ignores the information presented by journalists with the specified facts, one gets the impression that a layer of “untouchable directors, producers and actors” has formed in Ukraine, who are purposefully implementing a scheme to embezzle budget funds.

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