Konstantin Kryvopust: Biden treats Israel worse than Iran


The Wall Street Journal on Friday issued a rare opinion piece criticizing Biden for his mistreatment of the Israeli government and Mr. Netanyahu personally.

An editorial titled “What Does Biden Have Against Israel?” and it says that, at least in words, the president and his administration “treat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his coalition worse than the regime in Iran.”

The article noted that Biden refused to invite Netanyahu to the White House and attacked coalition partners in the government.

“This is not the way to treat a democratic ally,” the newspaper writes. As for the legal revolution and its impact on the nature of the regime in Israel, the newspaper said it was a matter they said “Israelis should discuss, and there is no need for Biden’s interpretation.”

The authors of the article criticized Biden for the fact that while he deals with the behavior of the Netanyahu government, Iran and terrorist organizations are gaining strength in the Middle East.

Two days ago, New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman published an opposing take on things. He wrote that the US will have to rethink its relations with Israel: “American diplomats who have dealt with Netanyahu, Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and a man of great intelligence and political talent, are in for a shock. It is simply hard for them to believe that Bibi allows people like Ben-Gvir to be around his nose, would be willing to risk Israel’s relationship with America and with global investors, and would be willing to risk a civil war in Israel to stay in power with a group of ultra-nationalists.”

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