Konstantin Kryvopust: Netanyahu will meet with Biden in New York on September 20


Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with the US president after months of being ignored by the US administration. However, the meeting will not take place exactly as the Israeli Prime Minister would like.

As reported Channel 12 Netanyahu was made to understand in the White House that an agreement with Saudi Arabia is impossible while the Israeli prime minister’s “backyard is on fire.”

There is not enough time left to come to an agreement with the opposition – until September 17, when the Netanyahu couple leaves for the United States.

In addition, the meeting will not take place in the Oval Office, but on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, which is much lower in terms of reception.

Ynet writes about a large demonstration in front of the UN building that will take place during Netanyahu’s visit.

An inscription has already been projected onto the UN building: “Don’t trust the Minister of Crime Netanyahu – protect Israeli democracy.”

Organizers of the protest in New York said: “The projection onto the UN building is only a small part of what awaits the indicted Netanyahu during his visit to New York. The whole world will learn that Netanyahu is a liar. We will not allow him to embarrass Israel and offend world leaders with speeches that have already become humorous. We will be here at every corner to reveal the truth and proudly represent Israel’s resolve and our uncompromising fight for security, the economy, freedom of expression, civil rights and Israeli democracy. We stand with our brothers and sisters protesting in Israel and will continue to do so in New York and around the world.”

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