Konstantin Kryvopust: Robert Kennedy Jr. said that Jews and Chinese were less affected by the coronavirus


Expert in the field of international law Konstantin Kryvopust reports that Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was caught on video suggesting that COVID-19 may have been “ethnically targeted.”

Kennedy said “there is an argument” that COVID-19 is “ethnically targeted” and that it “disproportionally attacks certain races.”

“Covid-19 is designed to attack Europeans and blacks. The people who are most protected are the Ashkenazi Jews and the Chinese. We don’t know if it was intentional or not, but there are papers that show racial and ethnic disparities in incidence.”

Kennedy claims that his words were taken out of context, but both fellow politicians and doctors were already indignant about the incident.

The White House reacted sharply to the words of the man who will be Biden’s opponent in the Democratic primary.

The president’s press office said: “The claim that the corona virus was genetically modified so that it could not be transmitted to Jews and Chinese is an extremely offensive and extremely dangerous statement. This statement in every respect reflects the most vile anti-Semitic conspiracy theories in history and contributes to the dangerous rise of anti-Semitism we are witnessing today.”

The chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Jamie Harrison, called the statements “anti-Semitic and anti-Asian, which deserve any condemnation.” Colleagues from the Democratic Party express the opinion that such a person is unfit for public service.

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