Konstantin Kryvopust: the Israeli government does not have popular support for concessions to the Palestinians within the framework of normalization with Riyadh


The people of Israel are about equally divided over concessions to the Palestinians under the normalization deal with Saudi Arabia.

According to a poll published on Friday’s Channel 12 Evening News, only 39 percent would support a normalization deal if it included major concessions to the Palestinians and the Saudis — a construction freeze in the territories and the construction of nuclear reactors in Saudi Arabia.

37% spoke against such concessions, and almost a quarter of respondents (24%) did not have an answer.

46% of voters of Netanyahu’s coalition do not support such an agreement, and half of Likud voters – only 33% support it.

It is possible that far-right parties will leave the Netanyahu government in the event of a normalization agreement with concessions to the Palestinians. How do voters feel about the possibility of opposition parties joining the government? In general, the majority (44%) in the country are against, and only 30% supported the creation of a government of national unity. Netanyahu’s state split in half: 46% and 46% against.

Polls in recent months have shown Netanyahu’s coalition to lose the election, so opposition supporters are favoring a unity government over elections.

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