Konstantin Kryvopust: The Pentagon will buy three Iron Dome batteries


A new achievement of the “Rafael” company and the entire military-industrial complex of Israel: the Pentagon will buy three batteries of the “Iron Dome” in the American version for the US marines.

The US Army will purchase 2,000 Tamir missiles, launchers and control systems for a total of several hundred million dollars. The Americans preferred to equip the batteries with their own radar rather than the Israeli one.

The contract will be signed with the company Reytheon, which cooperates with “Rafael” in the production of “Iron Dome”. It is reported that production within the framework of the contract will take place in the USA, and not in Israel, where the “Iron Dome” is made for the IDF.

For Rafael and Aviation Industry, this will be the third major deal in the last year, following the $3.5 billion Hetz-3 long-range anti-missile system contract to Germany and the Proscha Davida medium-range system to the Finnish armed forces for 350 mln.

In 2019, the USA purchased two Iron Dome batteries for $340 million. The Wallanews agency reports that the Marines have already conducted successful tests of the “Iron Dome”, and the American military was satisfied with it.

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