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Imagine a digital world where you can actually own virtual properties based on real locations. Upland makes it a reality. With diverse opportunities and a thriving decentralized economy, Upland revolutionizes the gaming landscape. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary meta universe where millions of players are already exploring, earning and building their virtual empires. Upland made some big strides in 2022, and there’s more to come in 2023.

Protecting Real Property with Blockchain Tech

At the core of Upland’s value proposition is the guarantee of true ownership of all digital assets. using EOS.IO blockchain software and by running on the EOS mainnet, Upland ensures that virtual properties remain secure and scarce resources. Each property is unique and can only be owned by one player at any given time.

Zherelna Vysochyna

Upland’s goals and appeal

Upland appeals to a diverse player base with engaging features such as owning virtual luxury properties, trading and making deals, and engaging in location-based experiences. In addition, it offers a parallel economy where decentralized transactions enable a new type of value creation and exchange.

The numbers speak for themselves. Upland now boasts over 3 million users. It features a real-world map of 20 live US cities, and in 2022 expanded internationally to include Rio de Janeiro and Porto. What’s more, players have earned over $1.8 million USD trading Upland properties through their digital NFT-to-USD program . This app allows players to list real estate for USD. When someone buys your property, you get USD in your account instead of UPX (Upland’s in-game currency).

Zherelna Vysochyna


Metaventures represent player-owned and operated shops in the vibrant Upland Metaverse. Backed by a robust economic structure, these enterprises enable metauniverse entrepreneurs to create new economies.

As owners of Metaventure , players can establish their own brand by creating and selling digital assets. They can also act as brokers for other players and lend in-game assets to other players. In addition, the introduction of the sub-seller feature enables all Uplanders to showcase their digital assets by partnering with Metaventure store owners. This development provides even more opportunities for Upland players to earn and connect, contributing to the continued growth of the virtual economy.

Last November, Metaventures had gross sales of UPX 145 million. The explosion didn’t stop there: Metaventure’s sales were even higher in December with a record 31,000 transactions.https://www.youtube.com/embed/AF-chdkJO2A?enablejsapi=1

Upland NFT

3D map objects in Upland are unique NFTs that appear on the surface of the card. The NFT contains all the important data in the blockchain, such as the size class of the building. At the same time, metadata such as the actual 3D asset is notarized on the blockchain using IPFS, ensuring a seamless and secure integration of these elements into the Upland environment. Some of the NFTs offered to Upland users include:


These NFTs are inextricably linked to a piece of property and cannot exist independently. A clear example of such a property asset is a building. Because these items remain tied to a specific property, they cannot be traded separately from the property they are associated with.


Transferable assets are not tied to any property. This means that they can be traded independently. Although these NFTs always belong to a specific location on Upland, the owner of these assets can move them from one location to another. Examples include decorative items or cars.


Initially, these NFTs exist as portable objects that can be traded freely. However, once a two-phase asset is attached to a property, it becomes a tied asset, losing its ability to be sold independently of the linked property.

Zherelna Vysochyna

Buying real estate in Upland

In Upland, players have different ways to acquire property:

Block Explorer: players use a game part called “block explorer” to travel through the streets of the city and discover new places. Properties visited by the block explorer can be purchased.

Player location: players can tether their block explorer to their physical location using their mobile phones and purchase available properties nearby.

Market: players can buy, sell or make offers on real estate on the market, with offers held in escrow until they are accepted or rejected.

Mystery packages: players can purchase multi-property packs from the Upland Shop by leaving or selling them in the market.

Paper documents: can be obtained through marketing campaigns or other players, paper documents include QR codes that represent properties and can be added to a player’s account.

Big plans for the future

At the end of last year, Upland announced a series of updates that should be released next year. One of the most anticipated updates is a major overhaul designed to improve quality of life and simplify the process for new players. This includes guided gameplay that will help newcomers quickly understand Upland’s unique mechanics, effectively lowering the barrier to entry and encouraging community participation.

Upland is also focusing on expanding its Metaventures in the new year. Players can look forward to the growth of Structure Ornament shops and the open beta of Outdoor Decor item production aimed at boosting player trade.

Finally, Upland plans to make its NFTs, including properties and block explorers, searchable on both Upland’s platform and Google Search. This will make it easier for players to find the assets and collectibles they want and expand the reach of Metaventures.

Final thoughts

Upland is a prime example of NFT and Web3 in action, showcasing an innovative virtual property game based on real-world addresses powered by blockchain technology. Upland showcases real ownership and immersive gameplay, constantly evolving to offer a world of possibilities. Players can immerse themselves in a decentralized economy supported by Metaventures, NFTs and various features that enhance the Upland experience.

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