Kostyantyn Kryvopust: Israel may transfer combat helicopters to Ukraine


The United States can buy 20 attack helicopters of the first generation AN-64A Apache (“Patan”) from Israel and transfer them to Ukraine: this was reported by the Arabic edition of the RT television channel, referring to the Telegram- channel BMPD .

According to RT, the Israeli Air Force currently has 24 machines of this type; they came to the disposal of the Israel Defense Forces in 1989. AN-64A “Apach” can move at a speed of 365 km/h, the flight range is 700 km, the crew is two people. The helicopter is armed with a 40-mm cannon and air-to-surface missiles.

Formerly Israeli the publication Walla reported , that Israel can purchase 20 new Apache-class helicopters from the USA. The publication notes that the war in Ukraine will open a special window of opportunity for Israel, given the reluctance and impossibility of the US supplying helicopters to the armed forces of Ukraine. The result of this may be some kind of agreement, in the framework of which Israel will transfer to Ukraine the American Patan helicopters that are in the arsenal, receiving instead new helicopters of American production.

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