Kostyantyn Kryvopust: Israeli police detained the leader of the Bakri criminal clan


The police continue the hunt for the leaders of Arab criminal structures. On Wednesday, the special forces of the police entered the village of Basmat Tabun and detained the leader of the Bakri criminal clan. In recent months, Samir Bakri was wanted on suspicion of murder, racketeering and violence. He “went to the bottom” and did not appear on the police radar for a long time, until police intelligence received information about his whereabouts.

After the SWAT unit entered the block where Samir Bakri was hiding, he tried to flee on foot but was caught. His deputy was also detained. Police confiscated the jeep from which Abd al-Latif Zeidoon, the treasurer of the Abu Latif criminal group, was allegedly killed near the Megiddo intersection yesterday.

The feud between the Bakri and Hariri crime clans has already claimed the lives of 30 Arabs in recent years.

In May, the police carried out an operation in Nazareth in which 16 members of the Bakri clan were detained, but Samir managed to escape.

32-year-old Samir Bakri comes from Samaria, from the Shchem district. He got married and settled in Nazareth, where he created one of the most dangerous criminal groups in the Arab sector.

The KAN channel reports that its “army” has hundreds of “soldiers” who are engaged in racketeering, drug trafficking, elimination of undesirables, etc.

Yesterday, police carried out an operation against the Hariri clan in Umm al-Fahem, as well as other criminals in Jaljulia and in the south in Raat, Arura and Tarabin.

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