Kostyantyn Kryvopust: the convicted “swindler of the century” Arno Mimran tells how he bought Netanyahu with the telbukhs


On Sunday, the French publication Mediapart, which reported in 2016 about Prime Minister Netanyahu’s close friendship with French criminal businessman Arnaud Mimran, published on Sunday, new materials on this topic. Mimran is serving a long term of imprisonment on several serious charges, talks a lot on the phone and boasts that Netanyahu was literally bought by him with telbukhs – “When you give him money, he does everything for you.”

Mimran is serving time for the gigantic “scam of the century” with quotas for emissions into the atmosphere of carbon oxides and other crimes, currently another criminal case is being conducted against him on suspicion of ordering three murders. As part of this investigation, the police obtained a warrant to listen and record all telephone conversations of the prisoner – and handed over to Mediapart journalists part of the recordings regarding Mimran’s political connections.

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