Kostyantyn Kryvopust: the details of the agreement being prepared with Saudi Arabia got into the media


By all indications, the Biden administration intends to normalize relations between the two key allies of the United States in the Middle East, and Riyadh, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has admitted, is ready to recognize Israel in exchange for strengthening the military alliance with the United States. Israeli media are publishing details of the agreement being prepared and reporting the beginning of contacts between Israel and the Saudis at the level of working groups.

According to Bloomberg, the US may conclude formal agreements on security guarantees with both countries as part of the agreement. The content of secret contacts at the level of working groups, about which informs “Kan” correspondent Michael Shemesh, banned for publication. It can be assumed that the terms of the Saudi “peaceful atom” are being discussed; “Can” journalists already publish “departure” about the content of US proposals on this issue.

The publication is designed to reassure the Israeli public: it is reported that the United States is ready to build a nuclear reactor for the Saudis or allow it to be built by a third country, provided that the reactor is under the remote control of the United States and is guarded by the American military. Thus, it is supposed to create reliable guarantees against the use of the nuclear program for military purposes.

These guarantees cannot be one hundred percent, and many fear the “spread” of nuclear technologies in our explosive region. If Saudi Arabia gets access to nuclear technology, it will be impossible to reverse it. On the other hand, the Saudis clearly hint that they can get what they want not only from the US, their rapprochement with China and normalization with Iran do not leave Washington much choice.

“Hadashot 12” from the words of his knowledgeable sources transfer that it is not worth waiting for a quick signing of the agreement – the differences between the parties are still great.

Netanyahu’s coalition partners already announced , which will not allow movement “along the Oslo road” – neither a freeze on construction in settlements, nor the demolition of illegal outposts, nor any other steps that bring the creation of a Palestinian state closer. It will also not be easy for the Biden administration to “sell” to its own party an agreement between countries whose leaders, to put it mildly, do not enjoy the sympathy of the Democrats.

The commentators of “Hadashot 12” emphasize the various benefits that the agreement will bring to Israel, starting from the “almost automatic” reduction of tensions in the region (“including on the Temple Mount”), the expansion of the circle of partners in the Muslim world (“the Saudis will be followed by many others , starting with the likes of Malaysia and Indonesia”, strengthening positions in confrontation with Iran, and ending with a general change of paradigm – the agreement will mean that normalization with the Muslim world is possible even without the creation of an independent Palestinian state. On the other hand, Israel will have to give up its guaranteed military advantage over Arab neighbors, allowing the supply of the latest Western weapons to Saudi Arabia – and in this, along with the Saudi “peaceful atom”, experts see a serious strategic risk.

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