Kostyantyn Kryvopust: The Knesset will elect a representative of the coalition to the Commission on the Appointment of Judges


On Wednesday, the Knesset will meet to elect a second representative to the Judicial Appointments Commission, after opposition representative Karin Elharar was elected.

Most likely, Yitzhak Kreutzer (“Otsma Eudit”) will be elected as a member of the commission. In the morning, he stated to “Reshet Bet” that anyone who is not related to the Zionist and Jewish worldview cannot be a judge, deliberately excluding the possibility of an Arab or a friend to become one.

They can become judges only if they prove the “Zionist worldview” – something that everyone understands differently and not everyone like Kreutzer.

The opposition, without any hope, also fielded two of its candidates from “Esh Atid”. Moshe Solomon from “Religious Zionism” is also running.

Yitzhak Kreutzer distinguished himself in the legal field back in February when he introduced a bill that would allow police to search homes without a warrant.

The election of a candidate today does not matter at all. Justice Minister Yariv Levin said that he is not yet going to convene the Commission for the Selection of Judges, as its composition is distorted. He hinted that the commission would be “corrected”.

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