Kyiv judokas took first overall team place at the Cup of Ukraine


Athletes from the capital won 12 medals at the competition.

Having won 12 medals (7 — gold, 1 — silver, 4 — bronze), athletes from the city of Kyiv became the best at the Judo Cup of Ukraine. This was reported by the director of the Department of Youth and Sports of the KMDA Julia Khan.Competition Organizing Committee. Photo: FB page of Yulia Khan

On April 20, the Judo Cup of Ukraine took place in the capital’s athletic arena, one of the most important starts in the national competition calendar. This year, 293 participants from 21 regions of Ukraine were registered for the competition, the Judo Federation of Ukraine said.

During the opening of the Cup of Ukraine, a solemn farewell ceremony took place from the great sport of our glorified judokas – the first world champion in the history of Ukraine, three-time European champion, multiple world championship medalist George Zantaraias well as winners and prize-winners of the Grand Slam and Grand Prix stages, participants of the Olympic Games Kejau Nyabali and Elizaveta Kalanina.

The award “Best of the best” from the European Judo Union from the hands of the vice president of FSU Oleksandr Nagibin received George Zantaraya. Gifts from the National Olympic Committee were presented to all three athletes by the Minister of Youth and Sports, the President of the NOC of Ukraine Vadim Gutzeit.

“Although I mentally said goodbye to sports a year ago, because I understood that there would be no opportunity to train during the war, it is still nice to receive such attention today. It is necessary to make such send-offs a tradition in order to see off our athletes with honor, to pay tribute to them, – said George Zantaraya. — Currently, I am not only involved in judo, but in general with all Ukrainian sports. I want to give young athletes the opportunity to realize themselves, because I know how to do it. Sport gave me everything – work, family, friends. Therefore, it is necessary to provide opportunities for future generations to play sports and achieve their goals.”

The battles themselves on the Kyiv tatami mats continued until late in the evening. It was hot without exception in each of the weight categories. The men’s final in the category up to 66 kg, in which Mykyta Holoborodko from Kyiv and Karo Marandyan, a representative of the Poltava region, appeared to be bright. In a very competitive fight, in the seventh minute of the Golden Score, Nikita still won the victory, who managed to make a throw at “Vaz-ari”.

Contest winners from Kyiv

Prize winners among men. Photo: FB page of Yulia Khan

Among men:

  • 1st place — Kyryll Samotug (60 kg); Nikita Holoborodko (66 kg); Zaur Dunyamaliev (100 kg); Andriy Kolesnyk (+100 kg);
  • 2nd place — Anton Rudnyk (+100 kg);
  • 3rd place — Eduard Shtefanesa (66 kg), Serhiy Nebotov and Artem Ros (73 kg).
Prize winners among women. Photo: Judo Federation of Ukraine

Among women:

  • 1st place — Tetyana Limzayeva (57 kg), Anastasia Antipina (63 kg), Khrystyna Homan (+78);
  • 3rd place — Anastasia Severyn (57 kg).

From the General sponsor of the Cup of Ukraine, the ETG.UA company, special monetary awards were presented to Mykhailo Svidrak and Anastasia Antipinii, who won in the nomination “For the best technique”, as well as Mykyta Holoroborodka and Khrystyna Homan, who became the best in the nomination “For the will to win”.

In the overall team standings, the Kyiv team won a convincing victory, with 7 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze awards.

The representatives of the Ivano-Frankivsk region took the second place (2-2-0), the representatives of the Sumy Oblast took the third place (2-2-4).

After the Cup of Ukraine, the coaching staff will finally form the composition of the Ukrainian team for the world championship.

Kolyadenko, an athlete from the Kyiv region got “gold” at the European Championship in wrestling. Ukraine already has three gold medals at these competitions.

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