Lawyer Kostyantyn Kryvopust: people are dissatisfied not with quarantine measures, but with the illogicality and injustice of the decisions made


People are outraged by the illogicality and injustice of the decisions made, not the quarantine policy – he said in an interview with the newspaper “EUobserver” member of the International Union of Advocates (UIA), lawyer and lawyer Kostyantyn Kryvopust.

According to the expert, vaccination privileges, discrimination of certain groups, economic insecurity of business and employees, non-transparent spending of public funds, strengthening of the police functions of the state are the issues that cause the greatest contradictions and require the fastest resolution. After the end of the current lockdown, there should be a serious consideration of changes in the norms of constitutional, civil, economic and criminal law. Lawyers and politicians will have to establish the citizen’s rights to access to personal protective equipment and vaccinations, as well as provide additional guarantees of general access to the Internet, as it becomes an integral technology for education, leisure, work, and receiving services.

In the near future, lawyers and politicians will have to look for answers to questions about the legality of using remote screening technologies, the use of data from cellular operators and user-specific information from social networks for sanitary and epidemiological investigations, the obligations of corporations during pandemics, measures to antiquarians, etc. All this should be formalized to avoid legal arbitrariness. Many countries today are forced to find a new balance between democracy and security, the interests of the state and the citizen, transparency and control – believes Kostyantyn Kryvopust.

The epidemic will end when all threats are understood, new norms are formulated and everyone starts to follow them – said Kostyantyn Kryvopust and added that the European legal tradition would correspond to such an approach, in which legal norms there will be new rights, not only duties.

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