Like in a terrible dream. A streaming service has appeared that will broadcast AI-generated shows


Showrunner, a streaming platform, has launched, allowing users to create sequels to shows they’ll love using artificial intelligence.

The service, created by San Francisco-based startup Fable Studio, will have shows created by filmmakers and content creators. But, according to the company, if someone wants to get more episodes of the show than the creators created, they can simply be generated.

“The vision is to become the Netflix of AI. You finish all the episodes of the show you’re watching and click a button to create another episode. You can say what it should be about, or you can let the AI ​​do it for itself,” chief executive Edward Saatchi said in a comment The Hollywood Reporter.

The original list of shows on Showrunner is mostly filled with animation. Access to the service is still limited and is provided on a waiting list (in which, according to the creators, there are already 50,000 people). As for the development of the project, Showrunner anticipates that well-produced episodes will be purchased by the platform from their creators. Users will be able not only to generate content, but also to edit it (change dialogues and scenes using text prompts).

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