List of information that prescriptions for “Available drugs” must contain – Ministry of Health


The “Affordable Medicines” program works for Ukrainians, thanks to which they can receive certain medicines free of charge or with a small surcharge.

The prescription can be paper or electronic.

1. In the case when the doctor has access to the electronic healthcare system, he creates an electronic prescription.

After creating a prescription, the patient’s mobile phone receives an SMS with a unique prescription number and a confirmation code for receiving medication at the pharmacy. SMS content: “Your recipe: ****-****-****-****. Confirmation code: ****” is a combination of 16 digits and is an electronic prescription.

Those who do not have a phone or wish to receive a duplicate prescription on paper, can ask the doctor to print it in the form of an information note.

2. If there is no access to the electronic healthcare system, the doctor can write a paper prescription.

  • A paper prescription for drugs under the “Affordable Medicines” program is issued on the form of prescription form No. 1.
  • It contains information about the medical institution, the doctor and the patient, and is certified by the doctor’s signature and seal.
  • In the prescription, the doctor must indicate whether the drug is completely free for the patient or with a surcharge.
  • The medicine itself is prescribed according to the international non-proprietary name (INN), no more than three names per prescription.

Currently, a doctor can write a prescription under the “Affordable Medicines” program for a month.

You can learn more about how to start getting “affordable medicine” during martial law at the link (

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