“Mini Chmonya”: an unusual action film from Donetsk made fun of the network


A Donetsk resident is compared to a “chmone” — another inhabitant of the occupied territories, who was captured and became a meme.

Throughout the war, the Russian troops were impressed by the low quality of their equipment and the soldiers themselves.

For example, in Crimea, a large number of those mobilized were over 50 years old, and the military psychologist was generally impressed by the condition of prisoners from the Russian Federation and occupied Ukrainian lands.

He called them unhappy and sick people.

But even among such a mass there are fighters who also stand out due to their height.

The page of the meter occupier appeared on the TikTok social network.

A middle-aged man with a height of about 120 cm posted his photos here. He has a big t-shirt with the letter Z on it.

It is not known whether he participated in the battles on the front line, but he is regularly photographed in military uniform with a machine gun.

We established that the name of this fan of “Russian world” is Yuriy Filaretov.

The man lives in Donetsk. He leads an active lifestyle — he does sports, has a family, a child. Also in 2018, he was photographed with a man named Eduard Shustov, who is currently serving in the Russian army.

Yuriy loves his blue t-shirt with the letter Z, as well as various Soviet and Russian symbols, which he often posts on his page in one of the social networks banned in Ukraine.

Netizens are joking that the photo may be a real horseshoe.

People joke about a man who is a fan of “Russian world”. He has been compared to the “chump” – a short occupier who became a meme at the start of a full-scale invasion.

Matt_horizon: “Weapons are not toys for children.”

Obviously: “Key fob”.

Vip_Risovik: “Call sign “Skyscraper””.

Misha777: “You laugh, but it’s harder to get into”.

Misha: “Mini Chmonya”.

Alexey: “I’m shouting, what kind of projectile is this – for 80 or 60?”— jokes Oleksiy, referring to mortar shell and millimeter.

ViktoriiaZagorodniuk: “Why did he wear a bowl on his head”.

Wadim Wowk: “The best in kindergarten”.

Aaaannndddrrrr: “Mario.

Mishanya pay pay pay: “It’s not small, it’s just cold”.

Sasha: “Imagine how he runs”.

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