Monatik’s wife returned to Ukraine with her children: how the artist’s two sons have changed in a year of living abroad


Today, the famous Ukrainian musician Dmytro Monatik is actively engaged in professional creativity, performs charity concerts and communicates with fans. However, for a long time the celebrity lived alone in Kyiv, because his wife and children were abroad. The war caught the star family in Barcelona. On the eve of a full-scale invasion, a couple with their children went there on vacation.

Monatik returned to Ukraine in July, which, by the way, provoked a lot of discussion and criticism in his direction. At the same time, the celebrity’s wife and two sons stayed to live in Warsaw. Recently, Iryna Demicheva and her children decided to return to Kyiv. The celebrity announced this on her personal page on the Instagram social network.

In addition, the star wife shared with her fans a photo of her decorated house. Monatik decorated his and his beloved’s house with various three-dimensional balls, writing “Welcome home” on the largest ones.

How Dmytro Monatik met his wife and sons at home

In the comments, star friends of the couple congratulated Iryna Demicheva on her return home, noting that this is a very important and long-awaited event.

By the way, Iryna Monatik rarely shares photos of her children. However, it should be noted that during a year of living far from home, the celebrity, like millions of other Ukrainians, has changed a lot. In particular, it would seem that there is nowhere else to go, but Demicheva now appreciates and loves her family and husband even more. Posts on her personal Instagram page testify to this.

The famous Ukrainian singer Monatik with his wife and sons
The famous Ukrainian singer Monatik with his wife and sons

We will remind that quite a lot of celebrities who previously went abroad with their families and children returned to Ukraine in the last month. For example, showman and presenter Anatoly Anatolich reported that his wife and three children, who were in France during the full-scale war, are now at home.

Tonya Matvienko, the daughter of the legendary Ukrainian singer, also returned to her native Kyiv. The celebrity previously lived in Great Britain, where she was sheltered by a local family. Now the Ukrainian artist lives in Ukraine together with her daughter from Arsen Mirzoyan and even managed to take the child to the capital’s school.

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