More and more countries are declaring their readiness to send their instructors to Ukraine, — Cherniv


Official Kyiv supports the initiative of a number of Western countries to send their military instructors to Ukraine. Today, June 1, the TV channel will talk about it FREEDOM said People’s Deputy of Ukraine, head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Yehor Chernev.

“We can start with instructors. This will help us cut down on logistics when we send our soldiers overseas for training. If we have instructors in Ukraine, at our training grounds, it will be more effective. But we are not limited to such possibilities. If our partners are ready to provide their ground forces to replace the Ukrainian army in areas where hostilities are not taking place, for example, near the borders with Belarus, this will also help us,” said Chernev.

Currently, more and more countries are declaring their readiness to send their instructors, but this is still at the level of statements and not concrete actions. Some partners are still hesitant to support this initiative.

“The main reason is the fear of escalation and the fear of being drawn into the war on the side of Ukraine, and that the Russian Federation can somehow respond to such actions already on the territory of these countries. But I think that the topic of escalation is nothing more than another intimidation by the Kremlin. I think that there will be nothing more than what Russia is already doing on the territory of Ukraine. And it is certain that Russia will not carry out strikes or other direct actions of aggression against NATO countries. In any case, not on this occasion,” the parliamentarian believes.

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