More than 200 kilograms of fish were seized from sellers in Kyiv


Illegal sale of fish was recorded in capital markets.

In all cases, traders were unable to provide eco-inspectors with any documents regarding the legality of the origin of their products. As reported in the State Ecological Inspection of the Capital District, last week during a raid, eco-inspectors discovered five facts of illegal sale of carp, crucian carp and crucian carp.

All the fish with a total weight of 218 kilograms were removed. Unscrupulous traders were scolded by appropriate administrative protocols. For violation of the procedure for selling fish, they face a fine of 510 to 1,700 hryvnias.

Earlier, eco-inspectors seized almost half a ton of fish from sellers in capital markets, which were sold without relevant documents. We would like to remind you that the ban on catching pike in Ukraine continues until March 31.

And from April 1, a spring-summer ban on catching fish during the spawning period begins in Kyiv region. Until June 10, it is not possible to fish in all reservoirs and lakes with bays, channels along with the flood zone. And from April 1 to May 20 — in all rivers and their root waters. Until June 30, it is prohibited to fish in newly created water bodies, as well as in the ancillary system of rivers and other water bodies.

During this period, it is forbidden, in particular, to sail on motor boats and engage in underwater hunting. At the same time, recreational and sport fishing is allowed. But there is one important remark.

During spawning, you can fish with one float or bottom rod with one hook and spinning from the shore in authorized places and on other reservoirs within the administrative boundaries of settlements, in particular Kyiv. The maximum catch per fisherman is no more than 3 kilograms.

Oleksandr GALUKH

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