NABU recorded Knyazev’s negotiations thanks to a girl with “model appearance”


An agent of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau got a job in the office of the lawyer of the ex-head of the Supreme Court Oleg Horetsky, pretending to be a student intern.

“Who is this NABU super-agent who recorded the conversations of Supreme Court Chairman Vsevolod Knyazev, lawyers and other judges, penetrated into the back office of the criminal organization of the Supreme Court? And how was this agent integrated into the system?

“A student came to Oleg Horetsky (lawyer of Knyazev’s assistant) for an interview regarding employment. But the student is not simple, but very, very beautiful, looking like a top model.

Horetsky took the girl to work and decided to teach her everything himself. He constantly invited her to his office, introduced him to the judges, drove the pontoons with her (they say, he was on an equal footing with Knyazev, as friends said). In short, he seduced the beauty as best he could.

Many judges and Knyazev also liked the girl, they walked and drooled. And the girl turned out to be an agent of NABU and while the lawyers and judges were in a state of trance and overexcitement, she hung the entire lawyer’s office with listening devices. So NABU recorded everything and everyone.

That is, the criminal organization of such men of great rank fell apart because of the lust of one of the organizers (a lawyer) for a young student. “Knyazev and others essentially burned themselves because of the girl’s breasts and buttocks, their own perversion,” the journalist said.

It will be recalled that the National Anti-Corruption Bureau released the records of the hearing of the Chairman of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev in the case of his receiving a bribe.

On May 15, it became known that Knyazeva caught on a bribe of almost $3 million. The bribe was connected with decisions in favor of businessman Kostyantyn Zhevago in the case of the Poltava Mining and Processing Plant. In the Supreme Court, a “back office” was created under the leadership of Vsevolod Knyazev – the bar association helped judges make the necessary decisions for money.

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