New social assistance for families with children: who can receive it and how much


The government noted that since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, almost 4,000 children remain without parental care every year. The policy of the state is aimed at ensuring that these children are brought up in families, and not end up in boarding schools. It is to support these efforts that from April 2024, the government implemented the program “The child is not alone”.

Who can receive payments

Assistance within the framework of the “Child is not alone” program is assigned to children who are left without parental care, but have not yet acquired the appropriate status and are temporarily in the families of relatives, acquaintances, or in foster families or family-type children’s homes.

Assistance is provided to children whose parents or one of them:

  • died or died (and the other parent does not fulfill his duties);
  • is on the TOT or in the environment;
  • wanted as a missing person;
  • is in captivity;
  • deprived of freedom by the occupiers.

A necessary condition for the provision of social assistance is permanent residence in Ukraine of the person who adopted the child.

What is the amount of payments under the “Child is not alone” program

The process of drawing up all the necessary documents to grant the child the appropriate social status usually lasts about six months. It is for this period that social benefits are assigned.

The payment can be issued by persons who temporarily take care of the child, adoptive parents and foster parents.

Amount of monthly payments:

  • for children under 6 years old – 6407 hryvnias;
  • for children from 6 to 18 years old – 7,990 hryvnias;
  • for children under 6 years old with disabilities – 8,970 hryvnias;
  • for children aged 6 to 18 with disabilities – 11,186 hryvnias.

The Government noted that the aid is assigned for the period of temporary placement of the child, which is determined by the children’s affairs service and can be extended if the child stays longer in the family.

Where to go for help

To receive assistance, you need to submit an appropriate application to the social protection authorities, the Central Administrative Offices, or the executive bodies of territorial communities.

We remind you that there are more than two thousand children in the register of missing persons under special circumstances. Most children who are considered missing – orphans.

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