“Not only the territory”: the Prime Minister of Estonia spoke about the victory of Ukraine and NATO


Callas emphasized the importance of support for Ukraine from partner states and allies against the background of the ongoing large-scale military aggression of the Russian Federation.

She is convinced that if Moscow succeeds in this war, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will try to seize the Baltic states, including Estonia.

To prevent such a possibility, Tallinn continues to support Kyiv, sending more than 1% of its GDP as aid.

“If every NATO country did this, Ukraine would win,” Kallas said.

The publication also notes that despite the power of the Kremlin’s military “machine”, massive airstrikes by the occupiers, the Defense Forces of Ukraine continue to restrain the aggressor on the battlefield.

When asked by a journalist whether Estonia has a “plan B” in case of Ukraine’s defeat and Russia’s success, Kallas said that there is no such plan.

“Because then we would stop focusing on “Plan A” – to help Ukraine repel the Russian invasion,” she explained.

Callas said that allies should not “give in to pessimism”.

“Victory in Ukraine is not only the territory. If Ukraine joins NATO, even without (part, – ed.) territory, then this is a victory, because it will be under the umbrella of NATO,” Kallas said.

Ukraine’s entry into NATO and the war with the Russian Federation

We will remind you that in the fall of 2022, already after the large-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Ukraine submitted an application to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. In 2023, NATO member states adopted a decision on three parts that should bring Ukraine closer to the bloc. In addition, the decision to reject the MAP was approved.

At the end of April, President Volodymyr Zelenskyi said that Ukraine will become a member of NATO after the victory in the war with the Russian Federation.

It should be added that last year Kyiv rejected the ideasvoiced in the West, regarding the option of joining the Alliance without the territories temporarily occupied by the Russian invaders.

By the way, at the end of March, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, Margus Tsakhna, expressed the opinion that without NATO membership, the country’s independence would probably be in jeopardy.

It was also reported that earlier in May, information appeared in the mass media that NATO had unofficially determined at least two “red lines” along which the direct intervention of the Alliance in the war in Ukraine is possible. In particular, according to Repubblica, there are currently no operational plans to send troops to Ukraine.

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