Oksana Marchenko lost her beauty and was left without property near Kyiv: betrayal turned out to be inevitable


For many years, Marchenko was the constant presenter of various talent shows on the STB channel. We can say that she was the constant face of the channel. And over the course of ten years, the woman changed. First, it all started with appearance. And then she came under the influence of her husband, who turned out to be unclean.

Oksana Marchenko

This is also because, earning a lot of money in Ukraine, Medvedchuk closely cooperated with the Russian authorities. And of course, for a long time no one suspected him of anything. However, during the full-scale war, everything fell into place. Medvedchuk and Oksana Marchenko currently live in an unknown place, but they do not forget to remind about themselves.

It is no secret that during all the years of their life together, the spouses of the traitors managed to acquire a lot of property. And of course, as a great strategist, Medvedchuk wrote some of it down to his relatives, including Oksana. That is why they still have something on the territory of Ukraine.

For example, yesterday, June 27, it became known that Marchenko had a land plot and a sports base in the Kyiv region seized. The Prosecutor’s Office initiated the transfer to the Agency for Search and Asset Management. The property of the wife of the former leader of the banned political party and traitor Viktor Medvedchuk, Oksana Marchenko, worth more than 303 million hryvnias.

Arestovych commented on the fate of Marchenko and Medvedchuk after the exchange
Marchenko and Medvedchuk

So, now the 9.5-hectare land plots and the entire sports complex, or rather the 3,021-square-meter base, have been temporarily seized.

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