On April 28, the official departure ceremony of the Serbian participants for the Eurovision Song Contest 2023, which will be held in Great Britain (Liverpool), took place.


The ceremony was attended by Ambassador of Ukraine Volodymyr Tolkach, Ambassador of Great Britain Sean McCloud and organizers of Eurovision in Serbia.

V. Tolkach gave a short speech at the briefing before the presentation. He expressed regret that Ukraine, which won the right to hold the song contest as last year’s winner, will not be able to hold the largest music contest in Europe due to the continuation of Russia’s large-scale aggression against Ukraine. V. Tolkach also noted that this night in the city of Uman, as a result of a rocket attack, the Russian invaders took the lives of Ukrainian citizens who, perhaps, could participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in the future and become its winners.

The Ukrainian ambassador expressed his gratitude to the British side and other friends who provide assistance in holding a large-scale song contest. He noted that the group “TVORCHI”, as a representative from Ukraine in the final stage of the competition, will perform under number 19 with an updated version of the song “Heart of Steel”.

The Embassy of Ukraine, together with the Embassy of Great Britain in Serbia, as well as our Serbian friends, plans to organize a joint viewing of the Eurovision 2023 final. We are sure that this event will be a true celebration of music and the unity of Belgrade.

V. Tolkach congratulated the Serbian author and singer Luk Black with the song “Samo mi se spava”, wished him and his team success at Eurovision.

May the best and our friendship win!

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