Paintings by Ivan Marchuk were exhibited in Austria (PHOTOS)


On May 12, a three-day exhibition of works about Ukraine and the indomitable spirit of its people by Ivan Marchuk, one of the most famous modern Ukrainian artists, began in Vienna.

“They are often interested in what is coded in my paintings… And they really have a code, I found the key to the hearts and souls of people,” said People’s Artist of Ukraine Ivan Marchuk, who turned 87 that day, during the grand opening of the exhibition.

He added that he was impressed by the interest his exhibition had generated in the historic Aula der Wissenschaften, which was completely filled with visitors. According to the painter, in the coming years he plans to hold a new exhibition with new paintings.

During the solemn opening ceremony, his colleagues and friends, the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, as well as the ambassador of Ukraine to Austria Vasyl Khymynets addressed the maestro with congratulatory words. The Ukrainian ambassador, along with personal congratulations to Ivan Marchuk and recognition of his role in representing Ukraine abroad, also read the words of congratulations to the artist on his birthday from the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

“Earlier, your art was ignored and banned, but Marchuk’s creative genius responded to this with numerous masterpieces in which boundless love for Ukraine lives. Even far from your native land, you nurtured our national idea, and your paintings brought to the world great tragedies and the most important events of Ukrainian history. Your life and creative path is an anthem of strength and dignity, pain and freedom, which the Ukrainian people are currently recapturing,” read the greeting from the head of the Ukrainian state.

After the opening ceremony, a queue of people lined up in front of Ivan Marchuk to congratulate the national legend of Ukraine on his 87th birthday.

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