People rushed to collect money: a man scattered 200 thousand dollars in the middle of the road


Police in the state of Oregon (USA) reported that 38-year-old Colin Davis McCarthy threw $200,000 out of the window of his car on busy Interstate 5. Other drivers stopped and started collecting money. The Metro writes about it.

The man, who has not been charged, told police he was “doing well and wanted to bless others with monetary gifts.”

Officers who arrived at the scene warned McCarthy that he could be charged with creating a dangerous situation or polluting the highway as a result of the money being thrown. As a result, he agreed to stop throwing money around.

Kyle Kennedy, an OSP captain, said drivers were stopping and quickly picking up $100 bills that were scattered along the road. He urged the public not to search for money while driving as it is very dangerous and could lead to an emergency situation.

Kennedy said officers searched the road for the remaining cash, but found nothing.

The publication notes that Colin Davis McCarthy withdrew funds from his family’s account and scattered them on the road without the consent of relatives. Now the family is asking those who found the money to return it.

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