“Probably deserved it under Bakhmut”: the network “exploded” due to the scandal with the pass to Viktor Pavlik


The day before, Viktor Pavlik’s wife showed off her special pass on the South Bridge of Kyiv on social networks. A scandal immediately broke out in the network, a lot of hate “poured” on the singer.

It should be noted that the Kyiv police have already confiscated Viktor Pavlik’s pass. The artist himself apologized, but the network reacted violently – he and his wife were pelted with unpleasant comments and asked how much it cost. 24 Channel gathered a loud reaction of social networks to this incident.

Viktor Pavlik got into a scandal

In the evening of May 16, the star couple rushed along the Southern Bridge to the performance of “Women’s Quarter”. They filmed it in stories and boasted to their followers.

My husband is taking me along the South Bridge. This pleasure is not for everyone. Only my husband gives me such romantic gifts,
– advised Katya Repyakhova in the video.

Later, the girl deleted this Instagram story from the South Bridge, but followers managed to take screenshots. So in the comments, the couple was taken for a “spin” on the Southern Bridge.

It is interesting that the host Kateryna Osadcha also reacted on this scandal. According to her, before hyping, you need to look at it through the eyes of the SBU, the police and common sense.

The network’s reaction to the scandal

Subscribers still continue to write angry comments to the posts of Kateryna Repyakhova and Viktor Pavlik. Ukrainians are outraged that the artist received a pass. What they write in the comments:

  • “He must have been under Bakhmut, which he deserved (pass – 24 Kanal).”
  • “Boys are fighting, and this bullshit is pontooned with a pass.”
  • “And how much money did the pass cost? In which structure do you work? And why are you deleting the comments?”
  • “So what about the “pass to the South Bridge”? You say it’s not for everyone… I think it’s necessary for this situation to gain more publicity, otherwise you won’t feel the shores at all!”
  • “And what about a pass to the South Bridge? What does not deserve a separate post on Instagram? So how is that?”
  • “Congratulations on the gift from Vitenka in the form of a pass for trips to strategic objects. It’s just a pity that there are no implants for the cranial box – it wouldn’t hurt either.”
  • “How is the South Bridge? You say, not for everyone. Well well. The SBU is already on its way.”
  • “We got lost. It’s a pity, but the truth of life is like this. We survive, and they live.”
  • “What about the purchased pass for passing through the South Bridge? Why was the storiz removed? Did someone give a hint? And in storis they were so happy.”

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