Producer Olena Mozgova sharply criticized colleagues in show business


Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the majority of Ukrainian celebrities began to help the Armed Forces, displaced persons, refugees, participate in other charitable initiatives and spread publications on their social networks about the consequences of the Kremlin’s bloody policy. For this, they often receive awards from the military, mayors of various cities, and numerous organizations.

In his Facebook producer Olena Mozgova spoke sharply about this.


Some celebrities post on social media the awards they receive for their charity work. However, an experienced producer considers this a PR war. Mozgov did not remain silent. And wrote an appeal to colleagues.

“When I see how showbiz presents its certificates, medals and orders for helping the army, for a significant contribution, for selfless work for… Phew! Aren’t you bored of the literati? Folks, well-deserved, colds, why do you need all this? Why are you posting this? Are you not ashamed of your “significant” merits? Scoop of the brain”— Mozgova wrote.

The artists did not comment on the producer’s publication. However, some colleagues and subscribers spoke about this.

  • I agree 100%. Good is done quietly. Everything else is theater
  • This is indeed a function of the adult brain that is also incomprehensible to me. This is what is called pride in religion, or infantilism in science
  • My respect for your true words! Well done
  • I thought it was only me who was mad…

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