Purchases of products from the Ministry of Defense are locked in a few beneficiaries, who do not allow competitors in – Bobrovska


People’s deputies initiate an inspection of all 8 companies that supply the army products.

About this in Facebook said Solomiya Bobrovska, People’s Deputy of “Golos”, reports Censor. NO.

“My position is that the story with the purchase of food products is not over yet, and I will further familiarize myself with the contracts concluded by the Ministry of Defense in more detail until I have answers to all questions. They are the same for me as for you – from the cost of the egg to the leg. However, prices are one thing. Even if they are not inflated, there is another question.

The procurement system was once a monopoly. There was one company that not only inflated prices and pocketed the difference, but also supplied poor quality products to the soldiers. Now there is progress. Now there are eight unknown or little-known firms. There is no monopoly – this is good. There is an oligopoly – this is not good. The issue is still about prices, and only in very rare cases about quality,” the parliamentarian explained.

According to Bobrovska, there are only a few beneficiaries of the food procurement system.

“Neither a new business nor a large developed honest business can enter this system. Because it is locked on a few beneficiaries, who, due to their connections, win tenders, hold the market, do not let in competitors, sometimes make money by inflating prices, and when suspicions, debts and so on begin, these unknown firms with billion-dollar contracts from MOs cease to fulfill their obligations and dissolve in the air. And look for the wind in the field when the company was a gasket.

Therefore, after this meeting, the Committee sends a letter to law enforcement agencies regarding this situation, and also returns to procurement control in all areas and will initiate the opening of non-defense procurements for public access. As for food, we will initiate a parliamentary inspection of all 8 companies that supply the army with products,” she concluded.

We will remind, on January 21, mass media reported that the Ministry of Defense can purchase food for the military at 2-3 times inflated prices.

The agency responded: “Media information about the purchase of food for the military is delusion and manipulation. We are preparing materials for the SBU.” Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov denies information about the purchase of products at inflated prices. According to him, there was a technical error in the document released to the mass media – the supplier did not specify the price for a dozenand for a kilogram of eggs.

Food service provider of the Ministry of Defense refuted accusations of overpricing and invited production deputies of the defense committee.

Scandal discussed at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence. Reznikov was left in office.

Inspection of the Ministry of Defense conducted by the state audit service.

NABU and CAP are investigating information on procurement within the criminal proceedings, which were started even before the publication of the journalistic investigation.

Source: https://censor.net/ua/n3395423

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