Putin will not kill Zelensky – Naftali Bennett


Former Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett came to Moscow a year ago as a mediator. He communicated with the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

Bennett spoke about the details of this meeting in an interview with the newspaper The Times of Israel, informs Censor. NO.

“I knew that Zelenskyi was in danger, in the bunker… I told him (Putin – ed.): “Are you going to kill Zelenskyi?”. He replied: “I will not kill Zelenskyi,” Bennett recalls the conversation that took place on March 5, 2022.

After the conversation with the Russian dictator, according to Bennett, he called the president of Ukraine.

“Told him, ‘I just came from a meeting, he’s not going to kill you.’ He asked me: “Are you sure?”. I said 100 percent. Two hours later, Zelenskyi went to his office and took a selfie in his office, saying “I’m not afraid.” That’s all,” Bennett told his own version of those events.

The former Israeli prime minister also noted that at that time Putin also agreed not to insist on the disarmament of Ukraine, and Zelensky on the same day allegedly gave up his desire to join NATO.

“Everything I did [в рамках посередницьких зусиллях]was agreed with the US,” Bennett added.

Source: https://censor.net/ua/n3397836

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