Reznikov commented on the accusations of corruption: “The question of alleged corruption in the purchase of military clothing in Turkey is closed, any claims were dispelled at the meeting of the anti-corruption committee of the Verkhovna Rada.


Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov denies accusations that the price of military equipment for the Ministry of Defense is tripled.

The journalist wrote about it Yuriy Nikolov. Reznikov commented information in the interview Andriana Kucher.

“This is an ordinary manipulator, I am not afraid of this word. If you observe his activities, you will find out that he takes certain facts, adds whatever comes to his mind, and publishes them. After some time, people “pour” him – you are wrong. He corrects it, cleans it up and apologizes, but not very much,” the minister said.

Reznikov stated that Nikolov has many mistakes.

“He once made a publication comparing the wholesale purchase of fuel in tons with the prices at retail gas stations in liters. A person is probably not very well educated, he does not know that fuel is gasoline, diesel fuel is lighter than water. Accordingly, one liter is not a kilogram. It does not mean that if a liter costs UAH 50, then a kilogram costs UAH 50 – a kilogram is more expensive,” he said.

The minister said the jacket story was also untrue.

“My relevant deputy minister was at the meeting of the relevant parliamentary committee immediately after the publication. He brought and put on the table all the documents, invoices, waybills, border crossings, contracts, paid money. Deputies of various parties, including the opposition parties, carefully studied everything and said – we have no questions,” concluded Reznikov.

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