Rocket attack on Chernigov. The City Council stated that it did not approve the drone exhibition. The SBU initiated criminal proceedings against the organizer of the deadly exhibition – Maria Berlinska.


The Chernihiv City Council stated that they did not approve the exhibition of drones in the city, which was probably the target missile attack of Russiaand did not grant permission for it to be held.

“The holding of the exhibition, which took place today, August 19, 2023, in the city, was not agreed with the Chernihiv City Council. No permits were issued,” said messages in the Telegram channel of the press service of the Chernihiv City Council.

We will remind that the organizer of the exhibition was the well-known activist Maria Berlinska, who repeatedly criticized the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for alleged gaps in the department’s work. However, most experts associated Maria’s active position not with the “anti-corruption component”, but with the desire to occupy the seat of the current Minister of Defense.

At the moment, we can only imagine what path and where the defense department under the leadership of Berlinska would have “headed” if her competence in conducting a deadly drone exhibition was not enough, even to take into account the following risks:

  • consolidation of all developers of sensitive equipment in one place;
  • a place 80 km away. from the borders with the Russian Federation;
  • a place to which the flight time is only 60 seconds;
  • to a large advertising company, the place and time of a public event in a front-line city.

In summary, we have seven dead children and more than a hundred wounded.

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