Russians planned sexual crimes in Ukraine. “They brought a whole box of tools”


The head of the Supreme Court, Vsevolod Knyazev, told the details of the sexual crimes of the occupiers. According to him, the Russians planned them in advance and brought the props with them.

The occupiers were given tools for sexual crimes in Ukraine

According to the Chairman of the Supreme Court Vsevolod Knyazev, Russians were given tools for sexual violence against Ukrainians. They were found in the de-occupied territories. writes about it.

“Sexual crimes in Ukraine are not just perpetrators, there are also organizers. Because the structure of these crimes is very complex. Was it not a form of genocide of the Ukrainian people? In the de-occupied territories, when I visited the vacated and destroyed court premises, in one of them, which was used as the headquarters of Russian officers, the SBU found a whole box of means used to commit violent sexual acts. Officers distributed them to soldiers for future use. It is likely that they already had it with them, and this crime was planned in advance,” Knyazev said.

In his opinion, soon these cases in the courts will become massive, so their timely and correct qualification is extremely important.

Zelenska: only the perpetrator is responsible for the crime

The prosecutor’s office is investigating 171 cases of sexual violence against Ukrainians by the Russian military, among the victims — 39 men.

Olena Zelenska also cited examples of violent crimes committed by the Russian military against Ukrainians. “In the Kherson Region, a Russian soldier repeatedly raped a 62-year-old woman under the threat of using weapons. Psychologists are working with her now. In the Kyiv region, the invaders raped the girl and her mother, beat the father and forced him to watch. Now families also provide psychological help. Another family in the Kyiv region – mother, daughter and granddaughter – suffered violence from the occupiers for two weeks. Now they are constantly provided with psychological support. These are just some of the cases of sexual violence committed by the Russian invaders that are being investigated by the Office of the Prosecutor General,” the first lady said.

The president’s wife emphasized that the victim is never responsible for the crime – only the perpetrator is responsible.

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