SAP requests 10 years of imprisonment for former investigator Sus


Recently, on the social network page of the Anti-Corruption Center, the following information was published:

“Remember the investigator Sus? The one from the Kononenko-Granovsky department.

Susa, who probably stole a video recorder during one of the searches and installed it in his office for some reason.

And recorded a lot of trash on it. For example, how they get wads of money from… socks right in the office. Or how Soos counts the money given to him within 12 minutes.

Or the following phrase: “We went with the boss to the Louvre. I say: boss, I want so! let’s go Gold, cups, mummies, sarcophagi. You know, boss, I want to tell you, if it happened that our department was in the prosecutor’s office of the French Republic, believe me, we would search the Louvre. That would be a priority. And we would take everything out of here.”

That’s right. The SAP prosecutor is asking for 10 years in prison with confiscation for Soos. What his accusers described here: “.

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