Serhiy Prytula commented on the assistance of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Ani Lorak: “Don’t worry, the FSB will not arrest you”


Traitor to the Motherland, singer Ani Lorak recently made a heartfelt confession to her fans, which was commented on by Ukrainian show business stars Serhiy Prytula and Ramina Eshakzai.

The sweet life for Ani Lorak ended a year ago, because now there is no one on her side who would support her position. A woman who has no values ​​in life continues to whiten her biography with the unfortunate Russian rubles she collected at concerts for the occupiers.

However, this tactic no longer works, because fans from both countries indignantly criticize the singer’s behavior. Recently, Ani Lorak got into a scandal because she shared on her Instagram page a Ukrainian account for donations to people in need.

Her concerts in Russia began to be canceled en masse, because of which the traitor had to write a huge post on her Instagram page. Explaining why she tries to sit on two chairs, Ani Lorak completely forgot that there is a war in her country. She only wrote that the conflict between Ukraine and the Russian Federation had escalated. A conflict that kills hundreds of thousands of civilians.

This post was commented on by Serhii Prytula, the chief telefeeder and volunteer of Ukraine, who works 24 hours a day to accelerate our Victory.

“Karolina, thank you for the thermal imagers, drones and pickups for the Armed Forces!!!
We are waiting for the payment of fpv drones for AZOV and KRAKEN!
Work well, our little bird! The war is long, we really need Russian money!
That’s why we work according to the old scheme: you collect sold-out tickets in Moscow, send money to the Armed Forces!!!
And don’t worry, the FSB won’t arrest you, because you really didn’t personally give military aid!
And no one forbade the transfer of money!
Ha ha, mnogohodovochka!” – wrote Serhii Prytula.

Serhiy quite ironically commented on the activities of Ani Lorak, in contrast to the famous TV presenter Ramina Eshakzai, who almost washed Karolina with dirt. However, it would be well deserved.

“Karolina, it’s time to fuck. I chose Russia, live with it. You are a grown woman. Made a decision, admit it and that’s it. I used to believe in your fairy tales, I regretted it, but February 24, 2022 showed you in all your glory…” Ramina commented.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians supported the stars in the comments, and wrote angry, outrageous comments: “Tell me, how much is dignity worth?”, “Call a spade a spade, what kind of conflict ???? It’s called war and no one needs your explanations)”, “I hope they will take away your citizenship, there is no point in using a Ukrainian passport in the civilized world. Sit in the swamps and develop your creativity there, I will not spoil your creativity.”

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